Open Range Dog Ranch

Whether you’re looking to board your dog because of a vacation, work trip, home renovation project, or an unexpected situation, K-9 Divine has the highest quality service for Dog Boarding Washington DC. Treat your dog to a playdate trip to the country when you sign on to board at our cage-free dog ranch, located in Southern Maryland, within convenient driving distance of Washington DC, Arlington VA, and Alexandria VA.

Treat Your Dog to Cage-Free Boarding in Washington DC

Boarding your loving dog can be hard to do, but there are plenty of reasons to do it. One reason someone might board their dog is so they can take some time off and relax. Sometimes time off can feel more rejuvenating when you know your dog is also on their own vacation at a fun, cage-free dog ranch like K-9 Divine.

You may have started researching “dog boarding near me” or “dog boarding Washington DC” after having an idea about having a family vacation. While most people consider their dogs as family, traveling with a dog can be a hassle. It is really difficult to travel with a dog out of the country because of the amount of paperwork required to transport them. On top of that, traveling with a pet outside of the country typically requires them to be transported in the plane’s cargo instead of sitting beside you in a cabin. If your dog has any anxiety or separation issues, being in the cargo area is dangerous.

An alternative to boarding your animal is to hire a pet sitter, but trusting someone to take care of your pet and home can be extremely uncomfortable. The level of trust needs to be very high to allow someone access to your home.

For residents in Arlington and Alexandria, boarding your dog or puppy at K-9 Divine is the best option. We have been taking care of locals’ pets for years. Our lead dog trainer, Rachel Jones, has over 20 years of experience and is a certified Pet Dog Trainer. When you board your dog at K-9 Divine, you choose a facility to put your dog’s physical and mental health first.

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Cage-Free Dog Boarding Benefits

The biggest advantage of boarding dogs at K-9 Divine in Washington DC is that our boarding home is Cage-Free. If you’ve ever put your dog into a crate, you’ve probably noticed them seeming sad or upset, maybe they were even whining loudly. It’s no secret that dogs love stretching their legs and bounding through open fields of grass, finding all the fun things to sniff. That should make choosing K-9 Divine as your pets boarding home a no-brainer because we have cage-free boarding allowing dogs to explore a wide and safe fenced area.

Benefits of cage-free boarding include: 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Your dog will miss you while being boarded, but once it see’s the wide range of land it has to explore, its mind will be at ease.
  • Social interaction: Our cage-free environment promotes dogs to socialize with each other while under supervision. This is great for most dogs, especially puppies.
  • Staff bonding: The cage-free model gives staff better opportunities to interact and have fun with the dogs, creating deeper bonds.
  • Better monitoring: The open space makes it easier for our staff to monitor your dogs, which keeps them safer.


Dog Boarding Washington DC

K-9 Divine welcomes all dogs with kennel-free boarding, from puppies to senior dogs. Our total square footage of 7000 allows us to house many dogs, only having to put them in kennels during feeding time. Our staff monitors the dogs and puppies 24 hours a day. There are plenty of comfy beds and couches for the dogs to lay on for rest and cuddling, but there are even more open spaces for dogs to sniff and run through, chasing toys or just being curious.

If you’re looking up “dog boarding near me,” then look no further than K-9 Divine. We encourage you to contact us and visit our facility. We’d love to take care of your dog or puppy.

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We also serve the Fort Washington MD area.

  • How does cage free dog boarding work?

    Our dedicated facility spans 7,000 square feet of indoor comfort, featuring plush couches and cozy beds for your canine companion to slumber in peace. Here, we believe in the liberty of movement for every dog under our care. Our vigilant staff is on-site around the clock, guaranteeing constant supervision and companionship. Tailoring social experiences to individual needs, we thoughtfully group dogs by size and energy levels, promoting harmonious play and relaxation. Choose K-9 Divine, where your dog’s boarding experience is as close to home as it gets.

  • Dog Boarding at a Farm vs with a Veterinarian

    You could be wondering if boarding with your local veterinarian would be better for you, after all you may know your vet very well; furthermore, your vet could already be familiar with your dog. Pet familiarity is a great advantage to boarding your pet with a vet, but there aren’t many other advantages to boarding with a veterinarian.

    Most veterinarians who offer boarding put their clients’ dogs in kennels or cages, only taking them out to use the bathroom. This tends to create more stress and anxiety in your dog, negatively affecting their well-being. Dog boarding Washington DC at a cage-free facility gives your dog more peace of mind and a higher quality of care.

  • Will my dog be safe from other dogs in a free range boarding ranch?

    Our vigilant staff is on-site with round-the-clock vigilance, creating a secure environment where supervision is constant and every bark, wag, or whimper is met with a responsive and caring presence. Our team engages actively with our canine guests, including dogs and puppies, providing affection, play, and comfort day and night. This perpetual human touch guarantees that, while you’re away, your dog is enveloped in a nurturing atmosphere that feels like a home away from home.