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Dog and Puppy Training

Basic Obedience Training

All dogs should know basic obedience commands like sit, stay, down, come and heel.

Positive reinforcement training provides a method of communication that your dog can understand. Once she knows what you want her to do, your dog will be much happier and calmer.

We offer private lessons at our facility, or boarding and training. Lessons will be tailored to your dog’s specific needs. We use a clicker and treats for training. We do not use shock, choke or prong collars, or any aversive training methods. Positive reinforcement makes training fun for everyone!

Behavior Consultations


Most aggression in dogs has an underlying cause and can be successfully managed with our dog aggression training here at K-9 Divine, located in Nanjemoy, Maryland, just south of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. Your dog should not feel the need to growl, snarl or snap at people or other dogs. We can evaluate the cause of your dog’s aggression and devise a treatment plan.

Puppy socialization:

As soon as your puppy is properly vaccinated, he or she needs to go out in the world and explore! We can teach your puppy how to behave at the vet or groomer and how to react appropriately to new dogs and people. Proper socialization at a young age will prevent many behavior problems like fear and aggression.

House Training/Crate Training:

Puppies can begin housetraining at 8 weeks of age, but it is never too late. You don’t have to live with messes in the house! We will instruct you on how to reliably housetrain your dog and on the use of a crate in the housetraining process.

Living with kids and dogs:

Many people decide to give up their dog when they have a new baby on the way. This is not necessary! We can give you strategies for preparing your dog for the baby’s arrival, and we can teach children and dogs to behave appropriately together.


Excessive jumping and barking is a huge frustration to dog owners and is usually the symptom of another behavior problem, such as dominance or anxiety. We can evaluate your dog and devise a behavior modification plan to treat the problem.

Choosing the right puppy:

We will help you choose a dog that is right for your household and lifestyle. We encourage you to save a life and adopt from a shelter or breed rescue group.

Separation anxiety:

Dogs with separation anxiety are excessively destructive or noisy when left alone. There are many ways to treat this condition. We can teach you and your dog how to manage absences appropriately.

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